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Calyx Wellness Centre
is proud to be Canada's
first CBD boutique

Calyx Wellness Centre carries a wide variety of CBD-infused beauty, health, and consumable products so that our customers can always find a CBD solution that works for them.

Testimonials from real people

I recently went in for an MRI just to see if there were any changes in my condition (Central Pontine Myelination) and the radiologist report said that there have been "dramatic improvements"! Where as once there was a dark black area of demyelination in my Pons, it is now only patchy and grey, which means my brain is actually repairing itself - I was told this probably wouldn't happen and to just try to "live around it" and strengthen my other nerve pathways as best as possible. The tremor in my left arm/hand is now completely gone. I'm not sure what combination of things made this possible, but I believe coming off of all of my medications and medicating with marijuana and CBD has ultimately made this possible. Just wanted to let you know, as after walking by Calyx here in Parkdale for months, you were the one who finally introduced me to CBD when I was at a really low point and you were so passionate about it. Now I am in a much better place!

Rebecca Irving, ON

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I haven’t felt this relaxed and pain free in years. I feel like a brand new person with so much life ahead of me!

Jennifer Fry, Burlington, ON

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Calyx's amazing line of CBD tinctures is great for pushing through whatever stress you may face throughout your day. CBD allows you to operate on a level that is productive and sociable.

Nick Riebel, Canada

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I've now been recommending CBD oil to all my friends and family.

Hayden Currie, Toronto, ON

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I started taking Boost 250mg for arthritis pain in my hands primarily, and it has gotten rid of the pain 100%. I know it is the Boost that is working because if I stop taking it the pain will return 2-3 days. Recommended highly.

John Graham, Professor, Toronto

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