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What Are The Benefits of Using CBD For Pets


Cannabidiol (CBD) is renowned in the health and wellness industry for improving the quality of life of human beings. CBD promotes a state of homeostasis that enables the body and the mind to heal from harm or injury without subjecting the patient to extensive pain or discomfort.

However, CBD isn’t only useful in treating humans. It’s also beneficial for animals, specifically household pets who are recovering from small injuries or that happen to suffer from social anxiety. As a natural remedy, CBD helps humans and animals alike improve the quality of their lives without any significant side effects.

CBD for pets benefits

According to the American Kennel Club, CBD treats neuropathic pain within animals and also helps to control seizures. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that allow pets to heal from small cuts or injuries without damaging or oversentivizing the central nervous system.

Like people, animals have an endocannabinoid system that enables the body’s natural endocannabinoids to attach to nerve receptors. Sometimes, there are a deficient number of endocannabinoids flowing through the body, which can oversensitize the nerve receptors and send signals to the brain that exacerbate the pain within the body.

CBD’s molecular compounds are very similar to the body’s own endocannabinoids. Regular doses of CBD can increase the quantity of endocannabinoids, attach themselves to the nerve receptors, and prevent the brain from responding to any pain or sensitivity within the nerve cells.

CBD for animals

Since there are real benefits from using CBD oil, the big question remains – how much is a healthy dose to administer to your pet? The most common household pets are cats and dogs so let’s focus on the healthy dosages for those animals.

How much CBD can cats have

You should consult with your primary veterinarian before administering any CBD to your cat. If your cat has been administered other medications for illnesses or afflictions, those treatments could upset the benefits of using CBD oil. Ask for your veterinarian’s recommendation, and then determine how to administer CBD to your cat.

How much CBD oil should I give my dog

Similar to a cat, you should start with a small dose of CBD for your dog. Given that their body masses are much smaller in relation to humans, they require less of a dose to treat illnesses and ailments than people. Factors like the age and overall health of your dog will help determine the optimal dose for their conditions, as well as through consultations with your veterinarian.

Studies have shown that CBD can help treat social anxiety within dogs and allow them to experience more calm and less aggressive day to day interactions at home. Dogs can be very startled by unexpected noises like construction or thunderstorms due to their very sensitive hearing. A few drops of CBD oil can help tame those fearful responses to loud or unsettling noises and allow your dog to live a less stressful life.

CBD benefits for pets

CBD provides many benefits to all different types of animals. It’s been known to treat anxiety for small animals like dogs, cats, and even birds that live in small cages within the house. But it’s also been useful in helping improve the quality of life for larger animals like horses.

Some of the most common benefits from CBD for pets of any size include:

  • Improvements in social anxiety and feelings of anxiousness
  • Treatment of seizures and other epileptic conditions
  • Reductions in physical pain or discomfort
  • Increased appetites and healthy eating habits
  • Reductions in cancerous cells and ailments

Many people treat their pets as equal members of the family and want to do all that they can to improve their quality of life. It’s natural to feel loving care and responsibility for a sick pet, and using CBD to treat those illnesses or ailments will not only improve your pet’s well-being, but also allow you, as the owner, to achieve peace of mind.

CBD pet care calming and soothing lotion

As a natural and healthy remedy, CBD is one of the most organic ways to treat any illnesses or injuries that affect your pet’s well-being. In particular, hemp-derived CBD products contain high concentrations of CBD oil that support your pet’s endocannabinoid system to reduce the effects of physical or mental pain and anguish.

Using hemp-derived CBD products like coconut oils or soothing lotions will help assist with your pet’s general mobility, social anxiousness, or pain mitigation. The coconut aroma promotes a soothing and tasty effect with each treatment, ensuring the dosage will be properly administered and ingested by your furry little friend.

All it takes is a few drops of oil on the tongue or a slight dab of lotion behind the ears for CBD to take effect. It will be absorbed directly into your pet’s bloodstream and enter the endocannabinoid system to start interacting with the body’s nerve receptors. Within only minutes after administering the dosage, you can expect the effects of CBD to start making an impact on your pet.

Final thoughts

If you have a four legged loved one that is living in pain or suffers from anxiousness, CBD can be one of the best remedies you can use to improve their livelihoods. It’s a perfectly natural product with no significant side effects, ensuring that your pets remain happy and healthy throughout their lives.

One thing to keep in mind is that other medications administered to your pet may interfere with CBD’s natural healing abilities. As previously mentioned, consult with your pet’s primary veterinarian for advice on CBD oil and whether regular doses would be beneficial for your furry little friend. Your veterinarian will know your pet’s medical history, and can make a medically-backed recommendation on how much CBD to administer to your pets.

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