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My First CBD Experience!

The first time I took CBD it felt like I was in the best mood I have been in in years. I felt relaxed and more able to just be myself without tension or anxiety, I found myself dancing and laughing while cooking dinner for the first time in ages. 

- Emma, Toronto

Heal for Osteoarthritis

I started taking Calyx's 1000mg about a year ago to treat osteoarthritis primarily and anxiety secondarily.  The results have been amazing. I am no longer taking Tylenol or Citalopram. This CBD treatment has worked wonders for me and when I stop taking it my symptoms slowly return.

- Karim, Recently Retired, Toronto

Boost for Arthritis!

I started taking Boost 250mg for arthritis pain in my hands primarily, and it has gotten rid of the pain 100%. I know it is the Boost that is working because if I stop taking it the pain will return 2-3 days. Recommended highly.

- John Graham, Professor at Ryerson

Calyx Improved My Anxiety

I've used the tinctures on three occasions and I'm such a believer of the product. I suffer from anxiety and the product really helps to minimize attacks and calms me down. A colleague of mine recommended Calyx Wellness Centre and I'm so happy she did; the tinctures really helped to improve my mood and how I function daily. I've made recommendations to family and friends and they haven't been disappointed. Thank you, Calyx!!!

- Tammy L.

Thank you to Calyx for everything!

Calyx Wellness Centre got me started on my journey with CBD in November, 2016. Upon my first visit, their knowledgable staff guided me through the process of determining what products would be right for me. They have since proven that I am in good hands! I have been taking the 1000mg CBD tincture daily now since November, and have found it to be extremely helpful for so many issues. I began using medical marijuana after sustaining a brain injury and neck and shoulder trauma in 2012.

Marijuana was extremely helpful, particularly in getting and staying off of stronger medication that was supposed to be ‘helping’ me; like pain medication, muscle relaxants, and benzodiazepines. However, I wanted something that would help as much as marijuana did, without having to be "high” all the time. After doing some research, I was led to Calyx, and I have never regretted it! CBD does not have the cognitive side effects that come with weed, and aside from the immediate relief I experience, after using it daily for a period of time I am experiencing consistent, lasting change.

Calyx’s unique and potent tincture has helped with issues related to my mood and chronic anxiety. It helps to calm my tendency to constantly ruminate over worries, and has allowed me the mental space to focus and to be motivated to do things that once felt too large and intimidating due to my anxiety. In relation to my physical issues, I have found that consistent use of Calyx’s CBD tincture has allowed my nervous system to ‘relax’, and I find that I am infinitely more calm in body and mind than before. It promotes body awareness for me, allowing me to be aware of the tension I’m holding in my body, and it has been extremely helpful for my chronic pain related to the brain injury and physical trauma. I have purchased the tincture for both of my parents, and a few of my friends - I can’t say enough about it, or the amazing staff at Calyx who continue to support me in my journey every step of the way. I have tried other CBD products and supplements from dispensaries in Toronto and BC, and none have rivalled the results I have obtained from this one of-a-kind CBD boutique. I will continue being a loyal customer for as long as they are in business - thank you Calyx, for everything! 

- Rebecca Irving, Teacher

Inflammation Relief

I started taking the CBD for my shoulder and neck pain, and PTSD I now suffer from as a result of an accident that occurred over 3 years ago. It's been just over 2 months of taking it almost everyday and I barely notice the inflammation in my neck and shoulder when I get out of bed and throughout the day. I now feel much happier, relaxed and calmer than ever before."

Matt D, Toronto ON

Benefits of CBD

The Calyx CBD tincture has been an absolute life changing natural supplement. The staff at Calyx Wellness have been so helpful and informative introducing and educating me of CBDs benefits. I would definitely recommend it to anyone thinking of trying it.

Hugo, Toronto ON

Menstrual Pain Relief

Fantastic products. Calyx CBD is really helpful for pain management. It helped relieve my PMS symptoms as well. Highly recommend for people with medical issues that haven't been helped by traditional medicine.

Sharon Nicol, Podcast Co-host at Toronto Centric Podcast, Toronto, ON

Improving Sleep Habits

Came in to Calyx Wellness to learn the benefits of CBD and learned all about its effects towards sleeping. Ever since I've been taking it, I've been falling asleep quicker and deeper. It's a life changer!

Nigel French, Owner of Food & Liquor restaurant, Toronto, ON

Stress Relief

Calyx's amazing line of CBD tinctures is great for pushing through whatever stress you may face throughout your day. CBD allows you to operate on a level that is productive and sociable.

Nick Riebel, Territory Manager, Baker Technologies, Canada

Pet Recovery

I was recommended by a friend to try CBD oil for my dog's injured knee (running putella). I purchased CBD from Calyx and within a couple of days it seemed to be cured. We were in and out of countless vet visits which cost $750 and was told it was going to cost us $4000 for a knee surgery but don't need too because CBD solved the problem! I've now been recommending CBD oil to all my friends and family.

Hayden Currie, Director and film maker, Toronto, ON

Emotional Healing

I started taking Cannibidiol (CBD) last year (in 2016), and have been taking it faithfully every day for four months. I haven’t felt this relaxed and pain free in years.

I’ve been in four car accidents in my lifetime, so living with spinal injury and pain became normal to me. As a result of my car accidents, I suffered from serious migraines 1-2 times a week and major back problems. My migraines were so bad I would stay in bed all day with the blinds closed and I would physically be sick all day. To help with my back pain I visited a chiropractor and massage therapist regularly. 

I came across CBD and after doing some research, I decided to give it a shot. I tried everything else and didn’t have anything to lose.

Within the first month I noticed, when I was sleeping, my spine seemed to relax in spots that felt tight and ceased for years. I could finally sit at my computer for hours on end pain free. (As I am a web developer and computer programmer this is important).After just a month of taking CBD I went back to my chiropractor who said I no longer need adjustments every 2 weeks and I can now see him either when I feel necessary or every 4 weeks. He left it up to me, and based on how I feel.

Over the next two months, my migraines slowly decreased and now I don’t get them anymore at all! I am FINALLY able to wake up without having to worry about being stuck in bed all day with my head pounding and begging someone to get my advil gel for relief! I no longer rely on over-the-counter pills to help me with this relief. I feel like a brand new person with so much life ahead of me! These are just the physical benefits I experienced by taking CBD daily. To my surprise, it also helped me emotionally.

I can’t thank you enough Calyx Wellness Centre.  You truly are my angel and my I am forever grateful to have crossed paths.

Jennifer Fry, Web Developer, Burlington, ON