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Emotional Healing

I started taking Cannibidiol (CBD) last year (in 2016), and have been taking it faithfully every day for four months. I haven’t felt this relaxed and pain free in years.

I’ve been in four car accidents in my lifetime, so living with spinal injury and pain became normal to me. As a result of my car accidents, I suffered from serious migraines 1-2 times a week and major back problems. My migraines were so bad I would stay in bed all day with the blinds closed and I would physically be sick all day. To help with my back pain I visited a chiropractor and massage therapist regularly. 

I came across CBD and after doing some research, I decided to give it a shot. I tried everything else and didn’t have anything to lose.

Within the first month I noticed, when I was sleeping, my spine seemed to relax in spots that felt tight and ceased for years. I could finally sit at my computer for hours on end pain free. (As I am a web developer and computer programmer this is important).After just a month of taking CBD I went back to my chiropractor who said I no longer need adjustments every 2 weeks and I can now see him either when I feel necessary or every 4 weeks. He left it up to me, and based on how I feel.

Over the next two months, my migraines slowly decreased and now I don’t get them anymore at all! I am FINALLY able to wake up without having to worry about being stuck in bed all day with my head pounding and begging someone to get my advil gel for relief! I no longer rely on over-the-counter pills to help me with this relief. I feel like a brand new person with so much life ahead of me! These are just the physical benefits I experienced by taking CBD daily. To my surprise, it also helped me emotionally.

I can’t thank you enough Calyx Wellness Centre.  You truly are my angel and my I am forever grateful to have crossed paths.

Jennifer Fry, Web Developer, Burlington, ON