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Is CBD For Arthritis Pain Relief Effective and Safe?


With America slowly recognizing the benefits of CBD for health and treatment, people of different ages have started to try it as an alternative treatment for many ailments. CBD for arthritis comes highly recommended by CBD oil experts because of its healing properties. However, is CBD for arthritis relief genuinely efficient and safe?

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound found in cannabis plants, the latter the leaves used for marijuana. By extracting CBD, the mixture in the form of oil has no psychoactive properties. This outcome is due to the absence of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is responsible for the “high” that users get. Science has shown that CBD has zero psychoactive effects but introduces the many valuable pain relief and alleviating effects of marijuana consumption.

Benefits of CBD Oil

Marijuana use has yielded the following results. However, because of its psychoactive properties, many people find it a disruptive treatment. CBD helps many people cross over and use the product as an alternative treatment solution for the following.

Pain Relief

Physical pain relief is one guaranteed effect of CBD oil. In one study, 47 people with multiple sclerosis and having severe, painful symptoms took Sativex for a month. Many patients reported relief from muscle spasms, pain, and walking. This result is one proof that CBD for arthritis treatment is feasible.

Alleviate Tension and Depression

Before CBD oil extraction, many marijuana users exposed to high THC levels report alleviation of their anxiety, tension, and depression. Furthermore, CBD outperforms over-the-counter antidepressants because it has no drowsiness, agitation, sexual dysfunction, and headaches when used.

Neurological Protection

Existing studies today continue to show CBD’s capability to treat neurological disorders, including epilepsy and muscle spasms, from painful sclerosis. In one study, 214 people with severe epilepsy received CBD oil for treatment. Their seizure frequency went down by 36.5%.

Reduce Blood Pressure

CBD helps alleviate body tension and depression. In turn, it has helped hypertension and high blood pressure sufferers from much-needed relief. In one study, nine men received 600mg of CBD oil. After the study concluded, all nine men had excellent resting blood pressure and had smaller blood pressure rises with continued CBD use.

Mental Health Improvements

Current studies show that CBD has helped people with schizophrenia and other mental disorders because of its psychotic-reducing symptoms. Furthermore, it has helped heavy drinkers and drug dependents to reduce their dependency and seeking behavior with prolonged CBD treatments.

Does CBD Oil Help Arthritis Pain?

CBD for arthritis treatment isn’t a far-fetched idea. With a study that indicates CBD to be a product that is a potent, all-natural pain relief for people living with arthritis and multiple sclerosis, the product can deliver exceptional results for people living with arthritis.

In 2011, one study showed that CBD oil helped improve rat inflammatory pain by affecting stimuli receptors. A recent study in 2017 showed the considerable potential of CBD as a treatment for arthritis.

Furthermore, CBD has helped cure numerous patients suffering from multiple sclerosis symptoms, including muscle spasms. These symptoms are common among people living with arthritis too.

Which Cannabinoids are Helpful for Arthritis?

There are hundreds of cannabinoids, two of which are THC and CBD. Medical professionals highly recommend using CBD. Because it has no psychoactive effects, it’s perfect for helping provide pain relief for arthritis. However, if you’re willing to explore outside the CBD-exclusive zone, you can find different strains to be helpful.

Unfortunately, it’s better to stick with CBD. Medical professionals all over the country focus on unveiling the many benefits of CBD by itself without any contamination from THC and other cannabis strains.

The Best Ways To Relieve Arthritis Pain

To supplement the effects of CBD as pain relief for arthritis, here are three routines you can perform at home to improve your condition.

Light Exercise

Aquatic exercises are perfect for elderly individuals above 60 years old. The body can only take so much from pressure and endurance, especially if you have arthritis but plan to start on your new sports or athletic journey. Light exercises aside from swimming include yoga, Tai Chi, and simple stretching exercises.

Weight Loss

Individuals and elderly who are suffering from arthritic pain can find pain relief through arthritis by losing weight. A small three-pound weight loss is enough to reduce the skeletal pressure pushing against their joints and cartilages. However, make sure to lose weight the correct way and not through crash diets.

Temperature Therapy

Hot and cold therapy helps boost circulation and reduce swelling and pain, respectively. Having these two routines regularly when you wake up and returning home to rest will do wonders in providing relief for symptoms you might have.

CBD is Great for Arthritic Pain

However, make sure you consult with professionals familiar with everything that CBD products can do for you. While CBD suppliers can provide you with advice, medical experts on CBD can provide a fully holistic treatment that can alleviate your arthritic pain.

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