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CBD for Eczema


What is CBD for Eczema?

CBD is also known as Cannabidiol is one of many active ingredients in the Cannabis plant. CBD is well known for its health benefits, by leveraging the endocannabinoid system CBD has the potential to provide support for several different health ailments. The endocannabinoid system is responsible for endocannabinoids, which are endogenous neurotransmitters that bind to cannabinoid receptors. Cannabinoid receptors are found in the central nervous system, when activated they help promote homeostasis (or balance) in the brain. 

CBD works with receptors in the brain that help control the way we interpret pain, inflammation, fear and stress. In addition, there are a wide range of studies that are exploring the relationship between cannabinoids and neurotransmitters known to regulate mood, judgment and executive function. More specifically, GPR55 also known as G protein-coupled receptor 55, that is known for its ability to aid in the production of GABA and dopamine is found in the endocannabinoid system. Research studies show how working with these receptors can yield positive results in the immune system. 

Many people confuse the effects of CBD with the effects of THC. CBD is non-psychotropic meaning it does not yield any psychoactive effects. Contrarily, THC yields psychoactive effects that cause people a range of different results, however the effects of THC are inconsistent as they vary from person to person. Surprisingly, CBD aids in reducing/modulating psychoactive responses. Despite popular belief,  research shows that CBD creates homeostasis in the body; while protecting the mind from brain damage. 

What is Eczema? 

Eczema is a term for skin condition characterized by small rashes that are itchy and often red. The word eczema is a general term for a type of “atopic dermatitis”, which is most commonly referred to as Eczema. The term atopic refers to a group of diseases that involve the immune system, such as dermatitis, asthma and hay fever. Dermatitis specifically references inflammation in the skin.  As Eczema worsens, it is common for patches of skin become inflamed, itchy, red, cracked, and rough. The skin condition is not contagious, however, it is spread genetically. With that being said, Eczema is more common than most people know. According to the National Eczema Association, more than 30 million people in the United States have been diagnosed with Eczema. According to Dr. Joshua Zeichner, Eczema is rooted in inflammation and hydration loss. More specifically he explains, “Eczema is a condition where the skin barrier is not working as well as it should be working, leading to loss of hydration and inflammation”. Eczema is typically treated with creams, ointments, immunosuppressants or UV/LED light therapy. However, there is no current cure in place for Eczema. Some individuals will grow out of their symptoms whereas other patients have breakouts throughout their entire life. 

Is CBD Good for Eczema?

Cbd can help eczema by aiding in reducing itchiness, redness and inflammation associated with Eczema symptoms. Research shows that CBD for skin calming and anti-inflammatory properties making it a great approach to relieving Eczema symptoms. In addition, according to the National Eczema Association, Cannabinoids have a powerful anti-itch effect, this helps prevent further irritation and spreading of eczema rashes. Thus CBD IS  good for Eczema, in fact, CBD leverages the endocannabinoid system and receptors in our skin to boost immune system control; helping prevent alternate skin issues. According to Dr. Andrew Kerklaan of Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics, eczema is considered to be a sign of immune system faltering. Our skin is a part of our immune system; hence, it is directly correlated to our endocannabinoid system.  Research speaks to cannabinoids being proposed “as a treatment for eczema due to their ability to reduce colonization of staphylococcus bacteria on the skin”.  Staphylococcus bacteria is known to worsen the effects of skin irritations ultimately causing infections to the skin, resulting in “painful red lumps or bumps, hot, red and swollen skin, and sores crusts or blisters” symptoms found in several different skin diseases. 

Cannabinoids are known to assist in relieving itchiness, preventing the escalation of skin irritations. In recent study patients with eczema were given an endocannabinoid cream that improved the severity of itch by an average of 60 percent among subjects” where 20% of subjects were able to stop their topical immunomodulators/pharmaceutical drug treatments. 

Research suggests that by leveraging the endocannabinoid system it is likely that there could be holistic ways to approach dermatology. However, more research is necessary in order to test the consistency of cannabinoid benefits on dermatology. With that being said, we can use CBD to interact with our endocannabinoid system in order to yield homeostasis (balance) in our skin similarly to our brain. Ultimately suggesting that CBD can not only reduce the symptoms of Eczema but also prevent further skin issues long term. 

How to use CBD for Eczema?

It is known that CBD is best absorbed when it is inhaled or taken sublingually, these two methods have the highest bioavailability meaning the human body is able to extract a higher amount of medicinal benefits. Hence, in more serious cases(chronic skin condition), it is recommended that CBD is absorbed when its bioavailability is at its peak. In mild to medium cases it is recommended that CBD is applied topically;  in this case it is common for patients to use CBD lotion for eczema. This method is also effective for individuals who are interested in taking preventative measures in reducing the likelihood of flare ups in the future.


Many individuals are turning to CBD for Eczema. CBD provides a great alternative to individuals that are seeking a holistic approach to skin challenges. By leveraging the endocannabinoid system, CBD can assist in creating homeostasis in the immune system, in which the susceptibility of Eczema is drastically reduced. In addition to this, CBD topical creams provide a great preventative measure for individuals who are looking to prevent imbalances in the immune system potentially leading to further skin issues. 

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