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CBD Oil for Depression


As mental health has become a more open and comfortable topic of discussion, new natural remedies are being introduced or discussed as options to explore. Depression can present itself in many forms, some can be detectable while other forms may not be initially noticed at all until testing begins. Deciding which remedy is best to use to help relieve depression’s effects can be complex and sometimes overwhelming. However, if the holistic route is preferred, we can help shed some light on why trying CBD oil for depression is a positive option to consider. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a molecular compound found in cannabis and hemp plants and has proven to be an effective natural treatment for a wide range of health conditions, ailments, and diseases. It has also become a growing interest as a treatment for a range of neuropsychiatric disorders such as depression.  

Does CBD help with Depression? 

There have been mentioned studies conducted according to Depression Alliance, an online therapy platform, pertaining to CBD oil for depression. The quick answer to the question is yes; CBD does help with depression. Even though this can vary based on the severity of the depression, the positive benefits do contribute to battling the negative symptoms of this ailment. While CBD is not a cure, it will help with easing the affects that depression can have on everyday life. Our endocannabinoid system helps regulate some of our body’s natural functions such as our moods and CBD has shown to lower depressive symptoms based on its interaction with our body’s serotonin receptors. In addition, some of the tinctures in our product line such as the Heal and Heal +,  have received positive feedback pertaining to helping symptoms of depression and in some cases in combination with other medication that individuals were already taking, completely alleviating the need for medication. Consulting your health care practitioner and asking questions is best to do before considering CBD. 

Positive Results from a CBD Depression Study

Battling depression can be a constant fight with yourself that is not visible in everyday life. There have been many studies conducted on CBD and depression by medical, naturopathic and holistic professionals who are constantly working through testing in hopes to find a consistent solution to stabilize depression. CBD oil for depression has been proven to show positive effects on behavioural changes associated with depression. In a physiology and behavioural study conducted by a psychology, science and brain research team which was shared on Elsevier (a science, technology and health platform), introduced the positive results of their findings when testing CBD on depressive like rats were complete. The test involved one male rat and one female rat observing their behaviours in motivation and mobility through various obstacles before and after the CBD was administered. The results showed visible improvement in their helplessness and anhedonia (not being able to sense pleasure/happiness) behaviours after the use of CBD.  

Are You Considering CBD oil for Depression? 

Just how much should you take when using CBD? It can be a challenging decision when it comes to choosing the right dose. The CBD oil dosage for depression is to the individual’s discretion as there are a lot of deciding factors to consider. As every endocannabinoid system is different while understanding that there are multiple forms and severities of depression, it is best for the individual to choose a product that resonates with them when deciding which CBD concentration to try out. For instance, in our product line the  Heal tincture contains 1000mg of CBD; if there is mild level of depression present, it may not require a high dose to begin experiencing the positive results. In contrast, if there is a moderate to high level of depression present, the dosage requirement may need to be increased and furthermore, it might be good to consider our higher concentration tincture Heal+ which contains 2000mg of CBD. The dosages amounts are to the comfort of the individual trying CBD out while observing their responses and adjusting the amounts when it feels necessary.  

Other Factors to Consider When Choosing a CBD Oil 

Whether it is a pet or a human suffering from depression, there are some other factors to consider that will help narrow down the best decision in choosing a CBD for depression to start out with. As we have both pet and human product lines, here are quick guideline to help with decision making that coincide with managing dose amounts: 

  1. Interactions with Other Products – If there is a current use of supplements and/or medications prescribed by a health professional, please discuss with your health care provider beforehand if you are considering CBD for depression. 
  2. Concentration – What concentration are you most comfortable with based on your research. This is important to narrow down as there are many options. 
  3. Level of Depression – Consider the history and current levels being experienced. 
  4. Weight (this pertains mainly to pets but can apply to humans) – The weight of an animal or even a human can determine how quickly the body may respond to CBD.  
  5. Tolerance – Is there a history of cannabis related use? If so, this may determine a higher tolerance to CBD in comparison to a history of little to no cannabis related use.  

Our product line uses hemp derived CBD isolate which means none of our products contain THC. Once all the above is taken into consideration, the choice may be much clearer in deciding which CBD products work best for you. 

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