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CBD Oil for Seizures


The Hype about CBD Oil for Seizures: Is this true?

There are plenty of available seizure treatments right now; however, not all patients respond well to them. CBD oil for seizures is now gaining popularity claiming to be an all-natural approach to control seizures. There is now lots of research being done to uncover how CBD can treat seizures.

The advantages of CBD oil

Most of the CBD oil manufacturers claim that their respective products are truly effective in getting rid of inflammation, pain, depression and anxiety. They also mentioned that it does improve a person’s sleeping behaviour along with many other health benefits. In fact, the FDA approved a CBD product named Epidolex to manage epilepsy.  But sadly, there are only a few conducted clinical trials that could back up such claims.

Is it safe to use CBD oil for seizures?

As said by the Epilepsy Society, there exists some confirmation to prove that CBD is absolutely effective in managing some forms of seizure attacks in Lennox Gastuat and Dravet syndromes which are both types of epilepsy.

The society says, “Three double-blind randomized controlled trials of pure CBD in children and young people with these syndromes have shown a greater reduction in monthly seizures compared to placebos.”

 “There was also a greater reduction in drop seizures for people taking CBD compared to those on a placebo,” they added.

“Further open label studies have shown that it may also have an anti-epileptic effect in the epilepsies in general.”

Moreover, further studies are still needed to prove the efficacy of CBD oil for seizures.

How does CBD help with seizures?

CBD is the main phytocannabinoid element of Cannabis that has shown to be anti-psychotic, fights anxiety, and epilepsy. Back in 2018, the Food and Drug Administration allowed CBD use for the handling of seizures related to two uncommon kinds of epilepsy. Yet, there is only a little information about the positive reactions of CBD oil for seizures.

Philpot lab is on top with regards to creating genetically altered mouse models having neurodevelopmental disorders. These mouse models are used to discover innovative treatments for many diseases like Angelman syndromes, Pitt-Hopkins, and Rett.

In experiments headed by a postdoctoral guy from the Philpot lab, Bin Gu, Ph.D., they thoroughly tested the essential benefits of CBD oil for seizures, motor insufficiencies, and abnormalities on the brain activity- which is measured through EEG – in a mouse that genetically has Angelman syndrome.

They found out that with just one dose of CBD, remarkably reduced the severity of seizures in mice at the time when seizures were tentatively activated through loud sounds and high body temperature. Giving a standard dose of 100mg/kg of anti-convulsant CBD has seen to provide tranquillity in mice, yet they have seen some effects on the balance or motor coordination. Using CBD oil for seizures also repaired the usual brain rhythms that are typically weakened in Angelman syndrome.

Dr. Bin Gu said, “We’re confident our study provides the preclinical framework necessary to better guide the rational development of CBD as a therapy to help lessen seizures associated with Angelman syndrome and other neurodevelopmental disorders.”

Gu and Philpot also mentioned that the most crucial step that seizure patients and their families should do is to talk to their doctor and seek advice before proceeding to take any kind of CBD products. They also added that for people to wholly understand the safety and efficacy of CBD oil for seizures, further clinical trials are needed.

How does CBD oil stop seizures?

For people suffering from seizures, the drugs available in the market are not doing an excellent job or worst not working at all. Moreover, seizures that are classified as hard to treat are sometimes accompanied by a high risk of death.

And so, there’s lots of anecdotal evidence suggesting the use of CBD oil for seizures because it shows to be active and could save many lives. Some research has revealed that when you add CBD oil to a current medication it can be effective for hard to treat and devastating seizures for both children and adults. 

A lot of good evidence from clinical tests have proven that CBD is beneficial for illnesses accompanied by seizures such as Lennox Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome.

How to use CBD oil for seizures

Persons using CBD oil for seizures could take it in the following methods:

Vape oils

This method is inhaled through a vape pen or the vaporizer. A lot of patients prefer to use vape oils because they enjoy the act of vaping. Also, they enjoy flavored vape oils compared to the typical CBD earthiness.

Sublingual solutions

Ingested by using a dropper under the person’s tongue or sublingually. Some studies discovered that sublingual solutions provide the highest and most reliable rates for blood absorption of CBD.


Just like any pill or capsule, it is swallowed orally. For some people, this is the easiest way to remember that you need to take CBD and to stay away from any undesirable hemp taste.

Bottom line

CBD oil and other CBD products are extensively available on the internet and in plenty of wellness stores out there. It is true that the CBD industry remains to be unregulated, and because of this, many manufacturers are claiming that they provide the best CBD product or the quantity of CBD found in their goods, which may or may not be legit.

As mentioned above, it is vital to consult the doctor first before you decide to take any kind of CBD products. A doctor that knows your medical background is the best person to advise you about what sort of CBD you can take, give you the right dose, and will let you know the possible side effects that could be experienced. 

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