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CBD Oil for Tooth Infections: Usage and Tips


Anyone who’s ever suffered at some stage knows tooth pain can be one of the most excruciating annoyances in life, if not cared for correctly. However, what most people do not know is that there are a number of holistic practices and remedies (as well as the obvious brush, floss, and dentist check-ups), which can vastly improve overall dental health. CBD comes into this bracket – with evidence proving that it can help to both protect teeth and alleviate tooth pain.

Though research on CBD in the dentist industry is relatively new, we already know CBD has been trialed and tested as a proficient anti-inflammatory and pain-killing agent. While CBD can be used to soothe any irritation or swelling, it also contains powerful antioxidants and immunity-boosting benefits which fight against bacteria (the original source of the pain).

When it comes to understanding the background story of CBD oil and the cannabis plant, most are familiar with the compound ‘THC’. The plant however contains over 120 different cannabinoids and THC is the only compound with the capacity to intoxicate. In fact, the human body actually has its own endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is built to digest the compounds found in CBD oil, helping us maintain a healthy equilibrium.

As with other health benefits related to CBD usage, an overall holistic approach to health is recommended when using CBD oil for tooth infections, aches, or discomfort.

Does CBD Oil Help Teeth?

So, how does CBD oil for tooth pain work, exactly? Does CBD oil help teeth? As we know, CBD works by interacting with the cannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2), helping to lower the body’s natural response to inflammation. 

A fascinating animal study in Brazil also looked at periodontitis in rats, and how CBD can help to improve weak dental bones. The rats treated with CBD oil for their bone loss had fewer biochemical inflammatory agents and less bone loss than the rats which had not been treated with CBD oil. Naturally, more studies need to take place for any solid conclusions in this area yet, but the signs are promising.

Much research, however, has taken place for CBD in other areas of pain-relief – such as migraines and menstrual cramps – showing little to no harmful side-effects. As CBD is, of course, a plant-derived medicine, the body is able to absorb the substance more easily.

Here are some other ‘home remedies’ you could try, in addition to using CBD to cure your achy tooth:

  • Coconut oil is one of nature’s most popular remedies for a huge variety of health purposes, inclusive of dental health. ‘Oil pulling’ is the process of swishing a substantial spoon of coconut oil around your teeth and gums for 15-20 minutes. The antibacterial properties of coconut oil give the teeth a detox, whilst simultaneously whitening, as the bacteria is reduced.
  • Clove oil’s natural antiseptic effects can be used as a remedy for any tooth discomfort. Soaking some cotton wool and applying to the affected area should do the trick.
  • Cayenne Pepper is another strange choice, however, the secret ingredient is ‘capsaicin’, which can also be used as a topical treatment when applied directly onto the infected or inflamed area.
  • Did you know a saltwater rinse can help heal sore gums, by reducing swelling and inflammation? Heat some water with a dash of salt and give that mouth a swish. 
  • Regularly drinking green tea is great for healthy gums – and therefore teeth.
  • Perhaps not the most popular choice due to the inevitable garlicky breath which follows – but did you know a thick garlic paste applied to the point of pain for 20-30 minutes, also has antibacterial properties? We didn’t either.

Can You Put CBD Oil on a Toothache?

The short answer: yes! When using CBD oil for tooth infections, tinctures can actually be applied directly on the toothache area itself. Consuming the CBD oil through the tincture method and/or alongside capsule form will help with the overall inflammation and increasing antibodies.

Please note: smoking cannabis, much like smoking tobacco is detrimental to your dental and gum health. If you’ve recently had to have dental surgery, and this is the reason for your tooth pain, we strongly advise using a CBD oil to soothe, not using the cannabis plant itself.

Can CBD Help with Tooth Pain? Final Thoughts:

When considering using CBD oil for tooth infections, aches, and pains, we always advise seeing a dentist first. It’s important to remember that while CBD can help to soothe and ease the symptoms of the pain, it will not be getting to the root of the problem. The overall conclusion? Think of CBD as more of a holistic, home remedy for low to mild levels of tooth pain. If you are in serious pain and cannot get to the dentist as soon as you’d like, seeing a doctor is highly recommended. Only a dentist can fix the real issue and provide you with a clear diagnosis.

When purchasing a CBD product, always check the labels and be aware that not all oils, tinctures, capsules, and vapes are made the same. Due to legal battles surrounding cannabis products, there are fewer standards in place than say, for lavender oil. We can be confident that we will see this situation improve in the future. For now, just be sure to read up on what is being sold to you, and question everything. 

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