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CBD Oil for Wrinkles


Looking for a new skincare product can be a complex process as there are a plethora of products on the market. In addition, if a natural product is preferred, the growing discoveries of natural remedies for skin maintenance are on the rise. When it comes to lessening the appearance of wrinkles, CBD oil for wrinkles has several powerful antioxidants that both can treat and prevent wrinkles.  

Can CBD Oil Reduce Wrinkles? 

Wrinkles are caused by various external and internal factors that the body responds to. Some common factors that can contribute to wrinkle production may be an unhealthy diet, stress, sun exposure and/or environmental factors. On the other hand, ageing skin is something that is a natural reaction to our body’s lower production levels of collagen and elastin, the components that keep our skin firm. In addition, our oil glands produce less oil often times causing the skin to look older than it is.

So where does CBD oil for wrinkles come in? The antioxidants in CBD (the component in our body that fights free radicals) assist in combating the loss of oil, collagen and elastin in our skin glands. Naturally, as the body ages, the skin’s cell turnover levels slow down which contributes to the creation of wrinkles. This can also cause inflammation and redness if the skin was already on the dryer side adding to the higher potential for wrinkles to be present. CBD serves as an anti-inflammatory to reduce any inflammation providing more moisture while relaxing the skin, which over time results in reducing the production of wrinkles as well as the appearance of them. For sensitive skin and wrinkles, CBD oil can soothe reactivity that may be related to skin sensitivity or things in the environment that contribute to wrinkles. 

CBD Oil vs. CBD Cream: Which Method is Best?

Everyone’s endocannabinoid system is different keeping in mind that because of this, everyone’s responses may vary.  There are several methods of administration of CBD that can be used to combat the appearance of current wrinkles while slowing the process of wrinkle production. The most common forms used to treat skin are CBD Oil and CBD cream. Both methods are beneficial in different ways, the choice is based on preference taking note of the additional factors that may be causing wrinkles to surface. If an oil method is preferred, CBD oil for wrinkles can be ingested sublingually which starts to work quickly by stimulating the body’s receptors that promote the secretion of the oil. Once this function is triggered, these oils act as a natural moisturizer.

With consistent use of the oil, aging marks may dissipate and over time the skin may begin to feel smooth while lessening the appearance of wrinkles. CBD oil can also be used as a topical agent by applying it to the surface of the skin the way a serum is used after cleansing which has calming effects on the skin while starting the process of reducing any present inflammation and preparing the skin for your daily moisturizer. CBD cream on the other hand, is also a great option to consider as this too has active and effective qualities that benefit the skin. The application is topical providing moisture and soothing remedies for your skin almost instantly.

For the best results, CBD cream is best when used consistently as with any natural products, it takes time and consistency for optimal results. An additional benefit of using a cream is that it can be applied as many times as needed to the affected areas focussing on the more distressed parts of the skin. Finally, a third option to consider is using both a CBD oil and a CBD cream, this may seem overbearing but is most effective. While CBD oil (ingested) aids in combating any internal issues such as inflammation or loss of oil production, the CBD cream works externally on the target areas. Both work together effortlessly and can be implemented as part of your everyday skin routine. 


CBD is a growing natural remedy that many are open to exploring as more research is being done pertaining to its positive effects on the body in all aspects and forms of consumption. Wrinkles can be a disheartening realization and can take some time to come to terms with understanding how to treat them. Regardless, if you are considering CBD Cream or CBD oil for wrinkles and are already taking other topical agents (especially those with chemical ingredients) consulting with your dermatologist, skin professional and/or your aesthetician will help the process of gauging what option is best for you while using your discretion. Understanding your skin type and the potential causes for wrinkles whether it be genetics, environmental, dietary, or ageing are all important factors to check off on your list to find the right remedy.  

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