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Holiday Bundles

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What are CBD bundles 

This elegant combination designed specifically with our customer favorites, combines the Heal 1000mg cbd oil tincture and Smooth 600mg lotion to provide an excellent balance of internal and external healing, all in one box. Our CBD bundles are the perfect choice as a gift to yourself or to give away at an affordable cost for two of our top selling products. Whether you’ve already integrated CBD into your daily routine or looking to start, this is a great way to take advantage of two mid to high concentrations that give you the flexibility to adjust the usage to your comfort.  The Heal tincture is meant to be taken internally to relieve anything from anxiety to inflammation or improving sleep, while the Smooth lotion delivers a high local dose for effective relief from pain, acne and eczema. An added benefit to the Smooth lotion is that it is an effective moisturizer, featuring a light blend of essential oils for a Smooth, uplifting aromatherapy experience ; Both consist of hemp derived CBD. These two products within the CBD bundles can be used separately to your discretion to alleviate isolated discomforts or simultaneously to completely rejuvenate and regulate the body’s systems.

Why buy cbd bundles online 

At Calyx Wellness we care about our customers all around the world and consistently work towards making our products inclusive and accessible to those who would like to purchase. For this reason, we have made it quick and easy to buy CBD bundles online through our website. Our web layout gives you access to easily shop the categories or browse to learn more while making it just as easy to get in touch with us for any additional questions. We offer a wide range of literature for customers to encourage self-education providing a pleasant but informative online experience that guides to the perfect product for you. To start learning about how CBD contributes to a positive lifestyle, visit our blog page and select the topic of interest! 

CBD Bundles FAQ

Can the products in the bundle be changed?

The CBD bundle is a sealed pre-packaged set, therefore, there are no product substitutions or changes. If the products you’re interested in are not included in the bundle, we recommend purchasing the products of your choice individually.

Are the items in the bundle smaller in size?

The products in the bundle are the same size as they are when sold individually :  The Heal CBD oil is a 30ml bottle size (1000mg of CBD) and the Smooth is a 75g bottle size (600mg of CBD).

Can the products in the Bundle be used together?

Yes! CBD lotion & Heal CBD oil is a popular combination as well as very effective when used simultaneously. While the oil can assist in easing any discomfort from within, the topical lotion can do the same externally resulting in more relief over time while adjusting doses and applications when necessary.

What are the side effects?

There have been no reported side effects regarding our CBD capsules. We always suggest checking with your healthcare physician before starting any new product in general, especially if you are actively taking medications and/or supplements to make sure it’s right for you.