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Celebrities Who Use CBD


Just in case you’re fresh to the scene: the legal separation of the hemp plant from the marijuana plant in 2018 has led to a natural-health boom in the CBD industry worldwide. Marijuana contains an ample amount of the cannabinoid known as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which contains a psychoactive effect or euphoric ‘high’. The hemp cannabidiol (CBD) however, is100% clean, natural, and works by organically balancing the body’s chemicals. The surge in both research and product development has been huge – with the industry estimated to be worth $20 billion by 2024.

This endless growth in popularity is clear – the health-benefiting elements found within this medicine offer a solution to some of the modern culture’s negative symptoms. Numerous and ongoing studies into the hemp plant have shown promising examples of various CBD oil tinctures, capsules, sprays, topical creams, gummies, and vapes being used as a natural anti-inflammatory, pain relief, and mental health aiding supplement.

It’s no surprise the industry has also inspired a celebrity cult following. CBD users across the board – athletes, Hollywood actors, musicians, and politicians – all swear by the calming, soothing effect of the various CBD-related products on the market.

For the rich and famous, CBD-usage falls into three main categories:

  • Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD can be used as part of a programme for exercise and muscle recovery. Studies suggest CBD is taken either orally or applied directly to sore areas and joints, can help to accelerate the healing of tightness in the body.
  • Improving memory and focus. CBD has also been shown to relieve symptoms of ADHD – which has links to overall mental wellbeing. Being more present in our lives and less distracted, particularly when it comes to stabilizing a work-life balance has become increasingly important and challenging in recent years. Especially if you’re living a fast-paced, busy lifestyle.
  • Research suggests CBD could work in assistance to those suffering from anxiety, depression, and sleep-related difficulties. CBD compounds bind to endocannabinoid receptors in the brain, calming ‘inflamed’ levels of stress. CBD has also been linked to increased levels of dopamine, which naturally supports sleep, a healthy appetite, and works to combat levels of cortisol – the body’s natural high-alert response.

Athletes Who Use CBD

Anthony and Sergio Pettis

These two professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters have been keen to talk about their use of CBD products, as well as a partnership with The CBDistillery. Anthony is a former lightweight champion and Sergio is in the bantamweight division – both pushing their bodies to their limits in terms of strength and endurance. They say CBD helps with their aches and pains – and is always included in their regime and training programme. Anthony claims CBD oil helps with ‘the body’s natural healing process’. Sergio said he prefers to use CBD than ‘potentially damaging anti-inflammatories like Tylenol and Advil’, as CBD has no side effects.

Megan Rapinoe

Soccer star and Olympic gold medalist, Megan Rapinoe was also intrigued by CBD offering a natural remedy for pain relief. She was looking for a healthier option, which worked in-sync with the chemicals in her body – the fact CBD also works as a sleeping aid and relaxation tool was a bonus. Megan has been crowned a Women’s World Cup champion twice and has also won the title of 2019 FIFA Women’s World Player of the Year. She now works with a CBD brand sponsorship because she says, ‘There’s a lot of stigma around the use of CBD in soccer. There needs to be greater education so athletes can make an informed decision.”

Ben Franks

With two Rugby World Cup titles under his belt, Ben Franks is one of the world’s most successful people to have ever tossed a rugby ball – famously playing for the ‘All Blacks’ New Zealand team. Franks has been using CBD ‘long before it was popular’ thanks to a teammate recommending it as a game-changer he has ‘never looked back on’. Franks, having played Rugby for over two decades, is aware of the impact the sport has on the body, and how CBD can help with a faster recovery. He is now the founder of company Impact Sports CBD. Together with co-owner James Haskell, Ben claims he is on a mission to make more sportsmen and women aware of what they are putting their bodies through, and how CBD can support pain management.

Celebrities Who Use CBD

Jennifer Aniston

World-renowned actress and film producer, Jennifer Aniston, uses CBD oil as an aid to help her overcome occasional bouts of anxiety and depression. She prefers THC-free hemp products as she says they come with all the relaxation benefits of the marijuana plant, minus the psychoactive (and sometimes lethargic) effect.

Kim Kardashian

Reality TV star and overall media personality, Kim Kardashian, claims she has been a huge fan of CBD. She says it has helped her to overcome feelings of overwhelm throughout her career – but particularly during law school, and since having her fourth child. With her busy lifestyle of modelling, acting, becoming a mother, and developing her skills as a businesswoman – she swears by CBD topical lotions and creams, to help her relax and get to sleep. Even her most recent baby shower was CBD themed, with guests stretched out on yoga mats, each provided with an oil for themselves to keep.

Martha Stewart 

American businesswoman and TV personality, Martha Stewart, says she has been using various CBD topical creams and lotions to soothe an aching tendon. She claims they have been really effective, and applying the lotion has become part of her daily routine. Martha is now looking to collaborate with a CBD company to create a product line for pets, eventually spanning out into cosmetics and food products.

Tom Hanks

Most know Tom Hanks as a world-renowned actor and film-maker, but few know about his battle with type two diabetes. Hanks started using CBD oil to relieve stress and anxiety and later discovered the side-effect of it soothing aches and pains related to his diabetes. He has since been working with Cornell University to look into the benefits of cannabidiol for people diagnosed with stress-related diseases and fellow diabetes sufferers. 

Gwyneth Paltrow

A-list actress, author and businesswoman, Gwyneth Paltrow, has been focusing on her own wellness brand – Goop – in more recent years, which has been working to bring health-based knowledge and awareness to the masses. Paltrow has been a huge advocate for CBD oils and tinctures from the start and began writing about their benefits long before the list of celebrities who use CBD was quite so long. In 2018 she launched a Goop summit, where a panelist of speakers outlined the important differences between the THC and CBD cannabinoids.

The Trailer Park Boys

Canadian TV entertainment entrepreneurs, The Trailer Park Boys are collaborating with OrganiGram to promote the use of CBD and cannabis-related products for medical usage. The show was a huge hit in Canada, but relatively unknown to the rest of the world, until TBS productions partnered with Netflix. Now with their popularity spreading across the US and beyond, they want to focus on developing packaging and branding for CBD products sold by OrganiGram.

Gene Simmons

Notorious 80’s rock band ‘Kiss’ co-founder Gene Simmons is notably passionate about the benefits of the hemp plant. He is in the process of creating a line of CBD-infused, non-alcoholic sodas for the USA and Canada, with ‘Rock Steady Sodas Inc.’ and has invested over $10 million into Canadian cannabis grower ‘Invictus’.


Toronto-born rapper, songwriter, producer, businessman, and CBD user – Aubrey Drake Graham – has also decided to launch his very own cannabis & CBD business, ‘More Life Growth Company’. Focussing on various CBD and cannabis-related products, extracts, herbal teas, papers, and clothing.

Final Thoughts

Despite the growing number of celebrities who use CBD, the hundreds of product designs, labels, and marketing/PR specialists found in this industry, we always advise potential users to do their own research and investigation before purchasing a product. Due to the changing legislation in various parts of the world, it is not uncommon to come across brands with very low levels of the CBD cannabinoid in their products. Check labels thoroughly, and if possible, ask to see a third-party seal of approval.

Though medical research is well underway – testing to see whether CBD can be used as an alternative replacement to some common modern medicines – the research into humans suffering from major illnesses is still somewhat premature. We suggest using CBD as part of an overall holistic attitude to improving your health. If you’re eating a healthy diet, looking after your body, getting regular exercise, and are already working with mind-body practices such as yoga, mediation, dance, or creativity – CBD can be an incredibly beneficial boost to your daily routine.

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