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Does CBD for Razor Burn Work?


CBD for Razor Burn

Anyone who has shaved or wax over the course of their lifetime has probably encountered an ingrown hair. These sore and unsightly bumps on the skin’s surface are often annoying and can even lead to pain. Ingrown hairs, or razor bumps, are caused by hair that grows back into a hair follicle or grows sideways. It can happen to anyone, but ingrown hairs are most common in individuals with coarse and curly hair. 

Often, ingrown hairs arise from improper shaving technique, or shaving in a rush. Although, even when proper technique is applied, there will always be a chance ingrown hair can still develop. Beyond using the proper products, equipment, and procedure when shaving, CBD applied topically can also help to prevent and manage ingrown hairs.

Try applying our Smooth cream after shaving, and on a regular basis to stave off ingrown hairs and keep skin moisturized and protected.

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