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Top Hemp Oil Beard Benefits


CBD hemp oil, otherwise known as Cannabidiol oil an ingredient from the hemp plant, and it is not psychoactive; therefore, it doesn’t give you the “high” feeling, the great news is this compound offers a handful of benefits. Studies show it cuts down chronic pain, provides anxiety relief, promotes heart wellness, and some say it prevents cancer. Aside from the bodily health, hemp oil also stimulates hair health. And because it is proven to provide fantastic head hair benefits, it is also great for conditioning beard hair. 

Helps with hair growth

Our hair is composed of a protein referred to as Keratin, this also includes beard hair. CBD hemp oil is filled with substances known as Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9 fatty acids that are also recognized as gamma-linolenic acids or GLA. All these compounds added to the protein properties of every hair strand would make it very strong. 

CBD hemp oil is also great for blood circulation – which is very important for a healthy follicle. When the follicles are healthy, our hair becomes stronger and longer. This oil is not only for the beards, but you may also use this on your head to prevent hair loss and baldness. Starting your CBD hemp oil regime early is practical because a man usually starts to lose his hair in his early 30’s or even sooner than that. However, growing a full and lush beard is still possible, even if you’re beginning to lose head hair. 

Prevents hair loss

The properties found in hemp oil work like a miracle in preventing hair loss. Hair strands that are brittle and dry can easily break preventing you from achieving the length and bulk you want. One of the best hemp oil beard benefits is that it’s packed with protein and moisture which strengthens hair strands. When you choose the only best hemp oil, it can help reduce beard hair damage resulting in a fuller and longer beard. Moreover, if you are also losing head hair due to breakage, you can also use CBD hemp oil as it works the same way. 

Nourishes the hair strands

To promote new hair growth and prevent breakage, moisturizing is the key. CBD hemp oil is a great moisturizer since it is full of vitamin E. This vitamin is among nature’s greatest moisturizers. It helps moisturize your skin, the hair on your head, and of course, your facial hair. With moisturizer, your beard will grow longer and stronger, not only that, but it will also result in a shinier and softer beard.

A full and long beard can be very uncomfortable if it’s rough and itchy. Hemp oil also manages the dull hair, which allows you to style it easily. So, if you’re fond of beard styling and love a fancy mustache, using hemp oil can make it struggle-free for you.

Nourishes the skin underneath the beard

The roots of your beard are as equally important as the outer beard hairs. The roots of your beard heir hold the follicles and play a vital role in beard health and overall hair growth; thus, it crucial to ensure the roots behind the beard are being cared for. CBD hemp oil travels inside the pores without blocking them, which in return helps in hair growth. 

CBD hemp oil can also be effective at treating skin conditions especially people suffering from problems like acne, itchiness, inflammation, dry skin, and redness.

Experience hemp oil beard benefits through five easy steps

  1. Make sure that your beard is thoroughly clean. The oil won’t work at its best if your facial hairs are covered with dirt.
  2. When washing your beard, use beard soap. Regular soap not intended for beards may strip off your beards natural oil, a very important aspect maintaining healthy hair. 
  3. Drizzle about 3-4 drops of hemp oil on your palm, but if your beard is bigger and lusher, you may add one or two extra drops. 
  4. Rub the CBD hemp oil directly on your facial hair and on the skin underneath. Make sure to rub the message in the area as it will improve blood flow and ensures the oil is pushed into the pores and follicles.
  5. Use the oil twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening to achieve the best results. 

Purity is important

CBD hemp oils are not created equally. There are manufacturers who mix CBD oil to various carrier oils to lessen the cost. Always remember that the purer the oil is, the better it will be for your hair and skin. So make sure to get your CBD hemp oil from trusted manufacturers.


Now that beards are becoming more popular, personal beard hygiene is a concern. So, choosing only the correct Hemp oil will help you achieve a healthy, full and lush beard. A lot of people have already proven hemp oil beard benefits, and most of them claim to have a healthier and stronger beard. CBD oil is not just for your hair but can also solve some of your skin problems. Start your journey to a healthier beard today by seeking the best CBD hemp oil in the market. Even if you are not into a fancy mustache or beard styling, caring for your facial skin and beard hair alone is the best hemp oil beard benefits that should not be taken for granted. 

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