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Is CBD Skincare Worth It?


Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural compound found within the cannabis plant. The cannabis (or hemp) plant contains over one hundred different compounds – the most famous being tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – the compound which gives a psychoactive effect, associated with the classic ‘marijuana high’.

CBD, however, contains trace amounts of THC (0.03%) and has become somewhat of a worldwide phenomenon in recent years, praised for its healing, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant-packed properties and health benefits. Now, you can find CBD in a versatile range of products, from cooking oils to gummy bears, to vapes and unsurprisingly – creams and lotions in the world of beauty and skincare. In fact, Research shows CBD skincare’s market size is estimated to reach $1.7 by 2025.

Does CBD Improve Skin?

For treating more serious skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, CBD topical solutions have shown to be an effective gentle, appeasing tool. In relieving skin itchiness in severe eczema cases for example, a study shows a 60% radical decline in the harshness of itch for patients. 20% of the patients were even able to stop using their prescribed pharmaceutical drug treatment, in favour of a CBD topical lotion replacement. 

CBD works by integrating with our endocannabinoid system (ECS). When we consume CBD orally, or apply directly to an area of skin, the special compounds within CBD bind to receptors which work within our ECS (known as CB1 and CB2). Our endocannabinoid system is related to our overall sense of balance, harmony and well-being. It manages sleep, appetite, mood, temperature regulation and it can sense when something feels ‘off’ or disrupted in the body. Generally speaking, CBD acts as a soothing, smoothing balm to irritation and irregulation. Whether that be troubled or acne-prone skin, a more severe case of eczema/psoriasis or a painful tightness in your left knee – for example. 

When considering, ‘Is CBD skincare worth it?’ from a more cosmetic perspective, it is advantageous to consider CBD is also packed full of antioxidants and omega fatty acids – which are highly beneficial for skin, hair and nails. The hemp seeds help to maintain the skin’s moisture balance and regulate oil production by hydrating without clogging pores. CBD also contains a unique type of omega-6 fatty acid, which performs like an inflammatory anti-agent. Not only useful when treating angry or oily looking skin, this can also be a helpful tool in reducing the appearance of wrinkles, and adding a plumpness and vitality to dryness. 

CBD Skin Care Products

Ok, so you’re sold on the glossy idea of CBD in skincare. Now you want to know, which products are best for my skin type? There are unlimited items on the market, each one using new buzz words and enticing slogans – the choice can be overwhelming. If this is your first time using CBD, a good option could be to add a couple oil tincture drops to your regular face or body lotion over a 2-3 week period and notice the difference. This way, you can also consume CBD orally if you wish, for a holistic approach to finding out for yourself is CBD skincare worth it. Try the Calyx Boost 250mg CBD Oil – a great kickstarter to the world of CBD and endocannabinoid system, and the ideal way to test your appropriate dosage level. Boost is the lowest CBD concentrated tincture in the Calyx oil range.

For a heavier dosage cream, the Calyx Smooth 600mg CBD Lotion is a rich silky balm, designed for ample moisturisation as well as for persistant aches and pains. With its hydration elements and highest concentration of plant-based CBD, this water-based anti-inflammatory aid can also be used to treat clinical skin conditions. It’s made with lavender and sandalwood essential oils, to add a delicious scent of relaxation.

Can CBD Oil Reduce Wrinkles?

Anti-ageing products make up for the largest market share of skincare. Despite ageing being a perfectly healthy (and natural) part of life, everyone is looking for the secret formula to visibly diminish the appearance of dullness, ruddiness, crows feet and laughter lines, as new birthdays approach. Whilst CBD isn’t the only antioxidant product on the market (Vitamin C and Retinol are other hugely popular options), it’s moisturisation properties in conjunction with anti-wrinkle repair, could be an enticing option for those wanting to explore the world of cannabis beauty.

Wrinkles are inevitable as we grow older – as ‘free radicals’ build up over time, causing natural damage to cells. Skin becomes thinner, drier, wrinklier and generally speaking, more fragile. This largely cannot be avoided, although sun exposure, poor diet, excessive stress and tobacco smoking can all contribute to the body’s natural production levels of collagen and elastic. CBD not only contains antioxidants, but also special substances known as linoleic and oleic acids, which contribute to overall skin health and appearance.

CBD can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, by repairing free radical damage, and smoothing fine lines over time. The antioxidants in CBD work in this way by  binding to the molecules in the skin cells, which also acts as a form of protection.

CBD Face Mask

Generally speaking, human skin is not the most permeable. Meaning, the skin naturally tries to block substances from entering the body. A face mask can alternatively be applied generously – thick enough to penetrate the dermal barrier and reach the bloodstream. The skin pores therefore can more easily absorb the antioxidants found within CBD. CBD face masks can be created by applying a thick layer of a CBD topical lotion (Smooth+ for example) on to the skin, and leaving it on for 10-20 minutes before massaging the lotion into the skin thoroughly. This way, the CBD compounds have a longer ‘opportunity’ to interact with the cannabinoid receptors directly beneath the skin. CBD facemasks are a popular natural, plant-derived option, in comparison to more chemically-made sought after brands available.

When deciding ‘is CBD skincare worth it or not’, sampling a CBD face mask treatment could be the quickest way to find out. Though most scientific research into CBD skincare is largely anecdotal, CBD face masks have shown remarkable results in their potency as an anti-inflammatory, damage reducing, anti-drying and rejuvenating face balm.

So, is CBD Skincare Worth it? Final Thoughts:

In our honest opinion – yes CBD skincare is worth it. For its wide range of benefits and suitability for a number of different skin health issues. Whether it’s acne, redness, wrinkles, dyrness or itchiness, CBD has you covered. With so many products available, here are some final tips and tricks when looking to blend CBD into your skin care routine:

  • Check for third-party certification on the purity and stated amount of CBD to be sure the label is truthful. Due to issues surrounding legislations, this industry can be prone to false claims.
  • Be sure the ingredient states ‘cannabidiol’, not just ‘hemp seed oil’ or ‘hemp seed extract’, this is not the same as CBD oil. 
  • CBD skincare should be contained in safe, sealed packaging. Clear bottles, jars or any sort of container which allows for a lot of light and air will make the CBD less effective. These products should be avoided.
  • You might see ‘isolate’, ‘full spectrum’ or ‘broad spectrum’ CBD on the label, which can help to differentiate. However, it’s also important to be aware these terms are not fully regulated.
  • Due to the plant-derived quality of CBD, the substances available are ideal for sensitive skin, and there are no known side effects for skin products. Try CBD for your skin for at least a couple of weeks, and enjoy noticing that new healthy glow.
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