A low dose tincture, ideal for small pets up to 20 pounds. Relief is a great place to start for first time CBD fur babies, who may be experiencing mild anxiety.



1-3 times a day, as part of your pet’s daily routine.


  • Mild pet anxiety.
  • Or supporting small pets in all stages of life.


*** REF. Pet Chart (If possible, display it here or provide link to it as this is the most common asked question that people call or email about)
< 5 lbs: 5 – 10 drops (1.0 – 2.1 mg CBD)

5 – 10 lbs: 0.25 – 0.5 mL (2.1 – 4.2 mg CBD)

10 – 20 lbs: 0.5 – 1 mL (4.2 – 8.3 mg CBD)


  • Unflavored: MCT Oil
  • Hemp-Extracted Cannabidiol
  • Chicken: MCT Oil
  • Chicken Flavour (Sunflower Seed Oil, Natural Flavour)
  • Bacon: MCT Oil
  • Bacon Flavour (Sunflower Seed Oil, MCT Oil, Natural Flavour)
  • Chicken: MCT Oil


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Is it ok to give CBD to my pet?

Hemp-derived CBD oil has been proven to modulate and repair many physiological systems in the brain and body - helping our fur babies recover from injuries, soothe social anxiety, and improve their quality of life. Our Pet Collection is made with lab tested, hemp-derived CBD and the highest quality ingredients, so that you can feel confident that you're providing the best, natural care for your beloved pet. 
We recommend a gradual introduction, as this will make it easier on your pet’s stomach and help you monitor the effects of the CBD. Start slow and low with your pet’s CBD dosage, gradually increasing as needed after trying each dosage for 1-2 weeks. If you decide they need more drops of your current oil, we recommend to upgrade to a higher dose up so you can give half the amount of oil (ie. Relief Tincture to Nurture Tincture to use less product, but achieve the same results).  
We recommend speaking with your pets vet to see if CBD will interact with your pets medication or treatments.  
Our products are hemp-derived and have under 0.3% THC, meaning they will not produce any hallucinogenic effects.  
Yes, all of our people products are cruelty-free and vegan. However, our chicken and bacon pet products are derived from natural sources.  
Yes, sustainability is important to us and we know it may be important to you. Our packaging is 100% recyclable.

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