Everybody's Talking.

About a year ago I started using Calyx’s Boost Tincture - I was dealing with anxiety that would creep up on me before bed. Boost, along with meditation, put that anxiety to rest. The great thing about Calyx’s products is that there is definitely the relaxation part of the product, but I also noticed physical effects: I was less bloated and my digestion improved! Staple item on my bedside table.

I have been taking Calyx CBD Focus for about six months, to help manage my anxiety and chronic pain. Taking it daily has significantly reduced the occurrence of anxiety attacks, without taking any other medication for it, and has reduced the amount of pain medication I take. I won't go a day without my CBD! I feel more like "me" thanks to it. Thank you for making such a great product 🙂

Since using the CBD Calm Spray I’ve seen a noticeable difference in my anxiety as ongoing stomach pain. I carry the bottle with me and it helps me to stay calm and relaxed during the day.

Your HEAL CBD oil completely changed my life.  Last year I struggled with allergies, inflammation, unexpected deaths and an IUD that was causing me grief.  I had the IUD removed and began on the CBD journey. I am a completely different person. My father also recently passed away, and I feel that your oil was one of the main components of getting me thru all of that.  I have no more inflammation, no brain fog and an abundance of energy. So, thank you!!

Last year I had a double mastectomy and looked into using CBD for anti-inflammatory and pain relief. The staff at Calyx were knowledgeable and caring. Heal+ has helped me with everything from digestive issues, PMS symptoms, sleep, and pain. I love Calyx!

My dog suffers from spinal disc disease. He’s been using Calyx Relief for over a year now and is thriving.  He hasn’t had any flare ups since he started using it and runs around like a puppy (he’s 11). So grateful for this product!

I started using Calm last year, and have recently replaced my anxiety medication with it. I also began using Smooth (CBD cream) and it has been fantastic for my skin.  I highly recommend Calyx Wellness to all of my friends and family. I order online and visit the store. It’s a bit of a trek, but well worth it. Everyone I have met in both shops are very friendly and knowledgeable about the products. Calyx has been a staple in my self care routine in the last year!

We like to keep things as natural as possible in our house. When our dog was recovering from a major abdominal surgery we didn’t want her on a drug that kept her groggy and sedate. A friend recommended we get her some CBD to help with inflammation and speed up her healing process. We did a lot of research and found out about Calyx. Lucky us, their store is only a 15-minute drive from us on Queen West in Toronto. The staff are incredibly knowledgeable and helped us pick the right CBD product for our pet AND for ourselves to try. After putting our dog on Focus twice a day, the Vets can’t believe how fast she’s recovered and how quickly her inflammation subsided. Typically, being restless sleepers, we now use Heal+ at night before bed and regularly have the most restful sleep we’ve ever had. We’re also currently trying out Smooth + for regular aches and pains and we’re loving it. In a world where CBD and THC are becoming more commonplace, it’s difficult to break through the haze of what’s good and what’s gimmick. It’s pretty safe to say that Calyx is top of the heap and exactly the kind of high quality that you’re looking for.